Josh del Sol's award winning documentary investigates so-called "smart" utility meters, uncovering shocking evidence of in-home privacy invasions, increased utility bills, health & environmental harm, fires and unprecedented hacking vulnerability... and lights the path toward solutions.

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  • Solution: assert your rights

    After watching the film, assert your rights and use these solutions. Also available as downloadable PDFs:
    SolutionsGet connected in this overview guide, ask the right questions, and provide letter templates to prevent or remove a 'smart' meter from your home.
    10 Questions For Your UtilityThis page dives into hard questions and factual answers that will develop your 1st-hand knowledge and confidence in deciding to protect you and your family.
  • Arm yourself with awareness

    Cornet ED78S electrosmog tester
    Cornet ED78S electrosmog meterInstantly determine and visually prove the microwave radiation intensity from "smart" meters - which emit 1,000 to 10,000x higher peak radiation than an active cell phone. $169.90 $139.95
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