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Take Back Your Power - smart meter film

Josh del Sol’s award winning documentary investigates so-called “smart” utility meters, uncovering shocking evidence of in-home privacy invasions, increased utility bills, health & environmental harm, fires and unprecedented hacking vulnerability… and lights the path toward solutions.

Take Back Your Power 2017: smart meter documentary

New 2-DVD Combo:

Take Back Your Power 2017 Final Cut and InPower Episodes 1&2!


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Development News: 31 July 2018

watch this on YouTube | watch this on Facebook Click here to watch the “Autoimmune Secrets” docu-series free With this being more of a personal update, I will say that I am so grateful for the board and team who have come together at InPower Movement. They are each investi
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Buy Generation Zapped on DVD

‘Generation Zapped’ – a must-see investigative documentary on wireless, health and our children

This week I spoke with filmmaker Sabine El Gemayel about her new documentary "Generation Zapped", which investigates the science behind the effect of wireless technology on the human population -- especially children, with Wi-Fi in the classrooms. Watch the interview by clicking above
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InPower Movement: A Mass Action of Liability

InPower Movement: Watch Episode 1 FREE!!

We’ve been extremely busy over at InPower Movement, which is the official sequel to Take Back Your Power. Below is a list of all updates the past month, from the InPower Indiegogo Campaign: Aug 26: EPISODE #1: A MASS ACTION OF LIABILITY released Aug 23: InPowered Podcast #02 
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“Smart Attack”: Hilarious short film tells it like it is

The team at Infomatic Films have just released this relevant and hilarious 4-minute "truth bomb"... watch it now!
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