With so many dominoes starting to fall where people don't want 5G, one had to expect the foundational Rule of Law would be tested.
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In the past month, official resolutions against 5G have been adopted by the cantons of Geneva, Vaud, Jura and Neuchâtel in Switzerland. These are the first four Swiss regions to pass ordinances against 5G installation (see chart below), comprising 1.5 million people (18.1% of national population).

Despite that, the majority state-owned Swisscom defied these laws on April 17, when they activated 5G stations in 102 locations in Switzerland, including Basel, Bern, Chur, Davos, Geneva, Lausanne (Vaud) and Zurich. They did so by upgrading existing antennas installed for previous generations of wireless technology.

As reported by TheLocal.ch:

“Under Swisscom’s plans, more than 90 percent of the population will be covered by the end of 2019,” said the company in its statement. … 

One of the core concerns is the number of extra antennas that will needed – 5G can only transmit short distances – one reportedly every 10 to 12 metres. …

Experts are urging the EU to follow Resolution 1815 of the Council of Europe, asking for an independent task force to reassess the health effects of 5G.

Swisscom meanwhile is urging Switzerland to relax environmental laws which it claims are an impediment to rolling out 5G. 

Switzerland’s Growing Opposition to 5G

CantonDateLink to ordinance
Neuchâtel25 Mar 2019view (PDF)
Vaud9 Apr 2019view (PDF) (see page 3)
Geneva10 Apr 2019view (PDF) (see page 37)
Jura16 Apr 2019view (html/audio) | english translation

5G: A Technological Dictatorship?

It is important to comprehend the gravity of the situation.

If a law prevents a company from deploying their agenda because of harm to others, but the company does it anyway — and somehow the company and its executives escape immediate judicial or police action — then the Rule of Law is no longer in effect.

“Installation of the 5G in Geneva, despite in particular a moratorium voted by the great council and the opposition of civil society… ‘for what is technology, the dictatorship is obviously already in place’ (Eric Budry)” see full size post
[T]he wireless industry does not have one single study indicating that 5G is safe.

The body of independent science, on 5G’s millimeter-wave and microwave radiation, is conclusive: these frequencies harm humans and all life. [see additional links to the science at bottom]

And the wireless industry does not have one single study indicating that 5G is safe.

It is deeply ironic that within a nation historically recognized for its higher-minded values to not engage in war, wireless companies have now effectively declared war on all people living in this nation, by deploying 5G against consent and directly in violation of both official moratoria and independent science.

[O]ne truly begins to wonder if indeed this is experimentation, as such. One could make a very strong case that those behind 5G know exactly what they are doing to human biological health

Because there are no studies indicating safety, these acts of 5G deployment against consent — in Switzerland and everywhere 5G is being deployed — also directly violate the Nuremberg Code, which states that one’s informed consent is absolutely necessary prior to any human experimentation.

Though, one truly begins to wonder if indeed this is experimentation, as such. One could make a very strong case that those behind 5G know exactly what they are doing to human biological health, since there were already 2300 studies on wireless compiled by military researchers in the 1970s.

So, in the guise of profit, progress and competition, a weapon is being deployed against all of us — whether it’s intended as such, or not. The science on this is clear.

So, in the guise of profit, progress and competition, a weapon is being deployed against all of us — whether it’s intended as such, or not.

What’s more: 5G is even intended to operate with beam-forming applications on the same frequency ranges used by military crowd-control weaponry.

And these studies identified many of the “mystery” symptoms of the chronic, germless epidemics and neurological conditions which see exponentially increasing today.

The inescapable truth is that the deployment of the innocently-named “5G” is a silent declaration of a quiet war against humanity.

As such, we must continue to increase our resolve and numbers, as we responsibly come together and address the root of the problem.

The inescapable truth is that the deployment of the innocuously-named “5G” is a silent declaration of a quiet war against humanity.

Henry Dunant, the Swiss humanitarian and Red Cross founder, whose memoir of the battle of Solferino eventually led to the drafting of the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 and protocols, would be turning in his grave. For at least 5 percent of the world population has already been wounded and sickened by previous generations of wireless technology unleashed upon the world without safety testing.

And those 5% are just those who have come to realize that their symptoms are related to wireless radiation exposure.

In light of everything you just read, would it not be appropriate to consider deployments of 5G as criminal acts of war upon humanity?

And would it not be just to address the corporate perpetrators, who are shattering these most basic codes of ethics, as criminals who must be held to account?

And would it not be wise to call all legislators into solidarity and accountability — in this, most human of causes — to protect the people, or else become liable themselves for criminal negligence?

The Swiss people are organizing quickly in groups, such as this and this. In the USA, groups are forming for a May 15 Day of Action on 5G. See below for a list of grassroots groups.

Scientific Evidence on 5G Harm

Grassroots Communities & Organizations

There are hundreds of organizations popping up everywhere. Here are several:

Josh del Sol Beaulieu

Josh del Sol Beaulieu is the creator of Take Back Your Power, a documentary about 'smart' meters which won the AwareGuide Transformational Film of the Year, the Indie Fest Annual Humanitarian Award, and a Leo Award for Best Feature Length Documentary. Josh is passionate about safe technology, human rights, consciousness, decentralized energy, and being a dad.

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  • I think it would be important to hold these Telecommunication CEOs and decision makers accountable. 5G ultimately this is an assault on life. So whoever, makes these decisions needs to be addressed – given a choice to change their mind and if not, held responsible for the long-term consequences. Nobody should be hiding behind government nor industry. However, if this is the only way we need to live the higher laws of unity even more and each of us in this process has to work with even greater integrity and consciousness. We need to focus on solutions. Can we create a FaceBook Think Tank page for ideas, solutions and concerted efforts to protect, heal the people and the planet? Have any of the great environmental groups Greenpeace etc. taken notice?

    • Research the use of adhesion liability contracts against executives, regulatory commissioners, culpable politicians. They have to rebut the studies showing the dangers or stop the rollout. Failure to rebut adequately (which they obviously can’t ) means the contracts go into default and they are on the hook for serious financial liability consequent to that default… Say $10,000 a day. Apply this en masse and you have a means to halt this in its tracks. It’s being used to good effect with “smart” meter roll outs, which violates most legal statutes just like 5G.

      This is the end game of the Rand Corportaion’s 1960’s Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars; humanity is very definitely seen as the enemy by the power structures, and which needs to be culled by whatever means.

      • You seem to have a handle on, & considerable knowledge in this area.
        Would you know how to set up the particulars in view of InPwrMvmt’s Cal Washington’s ‘contract abrogation’ culpability <my words for lack of the correct terminology…?
        Moreover, I might be able to help.
        — 'Dion The Correlator'

  • Hi. I am in Langley BC. Is there a group here that I can join to help prevent 5g roll out. If so please send info. Thank you.

    • Tim, there are very active groups in BC fighting 5G as well as the general spread of EMR via smart meters which are now on every home, cell towers, etc. The Coalition to Stop Smart Meters has been active since 2010 and has 1000s of members (www.stopsmartmetersbc.com)

  • The so-called 5G towers may look similar to 3g & 4G towers from a far distance.

    But when closer they are equipped with even more set of antennas further down.

    They need an enormous amount of power to operate them, they are feed by at least 4-5 huge feeder power cables!

    Even without all the studies confirming how deadly & dangerous these are, its soo very obvious that the amount of radiation these are emitting is absolutely horrendous & intense!

    It’s common sense that the environment is being irradiated intensively, the mind surely boggles!

    The criminals behind all this, should be locked up & prosecuted to the MAXimum extend possible!!

    • At the risk of “going to far,” I regard these developments as further support for David Icke’s thesis that at the center of this global web of power are non-human entities who control especially bred semi-human hybrids who have had their empathy centers eliminated genetically. Profit is only a limited hangout explanation.

  • This decision is not an accident waiting to happen it is deliberate and deliberately flouts the law.
    I am staggered. It is unbelievable.
    At some point in the future someone will surely win a court case, 5G causes death, next of kin of course. The court case could be severe side effects, still alive. Then there is the illegal and deliberate expenditure hardly covered by insurance.
    At this point those who illegally introduced 5G will be guilty of murder, maybe downgraded to manslaughter or, grievous bodily harm. Financial restitution.
    Why would these people take such risks?
    Why would they risk prison and/or restitution?
    1. Misplaced belief, which will not save them.
    2. Greed. Future profits. Really.
    3. Madness. Now that’s a worry.
    4. All of the above. That is scary.
    An injunction should be put in place immediately.
    A victory will see all outgoings recovered through costs.
    The crazy part is they are microwaving themselves. Maybe they already have.

    • Brian Johnston, I believe that comment covered it all….and it is scary. What can the “non-techs” among us do, except maybe boycott the buying of 5G equipment?

  • Josh I have been following this with great enthusiasm and believed things could turn around with people powere this is a terrible step back as they feel above the law with NO comeback on them……so if we took it on ourselves to rip them down I am CERTAIN there would be a comeback on us…….dissapointing news where do we go from here? X

  • Hello Josh del Sol Beaulieu and friends

    Thanks for your interesting internetpage you have create. The collection of documents of the local goverments in the french part of Switzerland you have listed. Maybe I should mention that you have switched the two PDF files of Geneva and Vaud! Geneva had 37 pages and Vaud 3 pages.

    Professor Konstantin Meyl from the black forrest area in Germany, have solid education and reputation in this field and can help to solve the regional goverments to judge the current situation and made the right correction in time.

    I wish you a nice day…

    best regards

    Marcel Gisler, Luzern

    • Thank you Marcel – this is now fixed. Good to hear about Prof Meyl. Please feel free to post a link on his work. Cheers!

    • Apr 9, 2019 5G Crisis | Why 5G isn’t an upgrade

      5G is not a simple upgrade in your cell service. This is a major increase and change in the type of radiation to which we will all be exposed 24/7, whether we use the service or not.


  • Great job there, Josh! Fantastic article and I love the way you name it for what it is!

    I’m a journalist based in Austria, Vienna and I have covered 5G since last year and the next article that’s printed in a Magazine here is titled “The 5G Experiment” – so I take the same route as you, just naming it for what it is.
    We’ve also started action groups here in Austria and I am now scheduled to hold a presentation on 5G every two weeks in the area around Vienna, so I can see things are moving over here also big time! We are winning this silent war and it is now breaking the surface, this is just the beginning, but I have a really strong feeling that this will hugely successfully usher into a new paradigm, because for me 5G is the challenge we as humanity need to face to grow into our true power! Therefore, very appropriate to Take back our Power! Much Love to you, mate, and keep up the good work! Greetings from Vienna, take care!