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InPower Movement: A Mass Action of Liability

InPower Movement: Watch Episode 1 FREE!!

We’ve been extremely busy over at InPower Movement, which is the official sequel to Take Back Your Power. Below is a list of all updates the past month, from the InPower Indiegogo Campaign: Aug 26: EPISODE #1: A MASS ACTION OF LIABILITY released Aug 23: InPowered Podcast #02 
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“Smart Attack”: Hilarious short film tells it like it is

The team at Infomatic Films have just released this relevant and hilarious 4-minute "truth bomb"... watch it now!
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Seattle City Light wants your input about their “smart” meters — and the extortive opt-out fee

After a 2-year delay, the City of Seattle and Seattle City Light (SCL) have decided to install 'smart' meters — and charge an extortive "opt-out" fee for everyone doesn't want one. This article features the Seattle campaign and how to say "NO" to their agenda.
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Hundreds of angry customers pull ‘smart’ meters (video) (updated)

UPDATED 5 October 2015, 8:10am PST Last week, hundreds of Edenorte customers in the Dominican Republic removed so-called ‘smart’ meters from their homes and businesses. Watch the action here on Facebook (with over 1.3 million views!), or on Youtube below – this updat
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Indiana regulators reject Duke Energy’s $1.9B plan to install ‘smart’ meters

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission has wisely rejected Duke's request to install radiation-emitting surveillance and metering devices.
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Hundreds of thousands of ‘smart’ meter billing issues in the U.K.

As with everywhere "smart" meters are installed, the UK reports hundreds of thousands of households "left in billing limbo by clever gadgets".
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‘Smart’ meters: A surveillance and control con job revealed

'SMART' METER WAKE-UP CALL: Why are more than a million people and hundreds of local governments standing against the 'smart' meter agenda? This article summarizes the issues: billing increases, fiscal negligence, in-home spying, property rights violations, health effects, hacking vul
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U.S. Gov’t ignored TACD report: “Forbid utilities from installing smart meters without consumers’ informed consent”

A resolution regarding smart meters was issued by the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) outlined grave concerns about 'smart' meters, and stated: "Forbid utilities from installing smart meters without consumers’ informed consent."
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Hundreds of smart meters simultaneously explode

On Monday, hundreds of "smart" meters simultaneously exploded in Stockton, California, when a truck ran into a utility pole. Watch the video:
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Britain’s IoD: “Smart Meters are a government IT disaster waiting to happen”

The UK's Institute of Directors (IoD) calls for Smart Meters scheme to be ‘halted, altered or scrapped’ to avoid ‘unjustified, over-engineered and expensive mistake’.
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MARCH UPDATE: Smart meters spiral out of control

by K.T. Weaver, for Take Back Your Power March has been one of the worst months ever for “smart meters” in terms of critical news reporting and negative revelations about these devices.  Clearly, things are quickly spiraling out of control worldwide in terms of anybody believing that
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Utility commissioner’s private emails reveal conspiracy

FAT CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG: Evidence has now been made public of illegal actions and collusion between former California Public Utilities Commission president Michael Peevey and utility PG&E, as criminal investigations continue.
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Hydro-Quebec rocked by resignations amid smart-meter flap

THREE EXECUTIVES RESIGN FROM CANADA'S LARGEST UTILITY: Two weeks ago, Hydro Quebec was rocked with the resignations of CEO Thierry Vandal and its two "smart" meter program managers.
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2014: The year the ‘smart’ meter agenda (and its inevitable failure) became obvious

Having reached the end of 2014, there is no doubt it has been a devastating year for utility smart meters and smart grid advocates. Whether all utility executives yet realize it or not, smart meters have failed. They have failed miserably to the deliver the promised benefits. We ar
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Ontario Auditor General: Smart meters a total flop, $900M over budget

TORONTO – People in Ontario are paying billions of dollars extra for electricity thanks to a flawed smart meter program and the above-market rates the province pays most power generators, Ontario’s auditor general reported.
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Entire county board arrested following citizens arrest by 2 military veterans

Clark County, Illinois — Sometimes citizens can be so frustrated with county board members they wish someone could just place them under arrest. Well, that is exactly what citizens in Clark County, Illinois did.
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Winning against energy mafia: BC Hydro executives lose the plot… and their conscience

By Josh del Sol -- People know me as being very positive on the whole about the way things are going, in our movement and in the big picture. And this is true... But I can't help feeling discouraged by how lost British Columbia has become -- or should I say, how lost those who run BR
Continue Reading → “Irish Water doesn’t want you inviting fairies to remove your meter”

IRELAND - Irish Water has moved to discourage the recent emergence of ‘water meter fairies’, who have been removing or tampering with water meters around the country. Facebook groups and pages coordinating these activities have popped up in recent weeks, with some requesting for more
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Public News Service: “Smart meters not a smart move for Indiana ratepayers”

Duke Energy is proposing a plan to require smart meters be installed at all homes and businesses in their service territory, despite the evidence showing no benfits — only harm — to the ratepayers.
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“Green Electricity or Green Money?”: Why some environmental groups hamper clean energy

Dr. Timothy Schoechle's new paper examines the harmful policies of large environmental organizations – such as the EDF and the NRDC – who are resisting renewable energy technologies and supporting a multi-billion dollar allocation for new utility meters, called ‘smart’ meters, which d
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Showdown in Pagosa Springs, as utility comes under fire for “smart” meter policies (audio)

All hell broke loose at a La Plata Electric Association meeting held on October 8, 2014, in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Approximately 60 residents from Pagosa Springs and neighboring Durango, Colorado, gathered to discuss LPEA’s threat of an opt-out fee of $50 for its co-op members who
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smart meters waste billions

UK Sunday Times: “€1bn smart meter project in jeopardy” (Ireland)

IRELAND - THE future of a €1bn project to install electricity and gas smart meters in all homes and most businesses by 2020 could be in doubt after a recent cost-benefit analysis indicated savings, if any, would be minimal.
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smart meters waste money.

CIBSE Journal (UK): “DECC’s smart meters a waste of money”

The massive project to install smart meters in every UK home is likely to be a waste of money, according to Margaret Hodge MP, who chairs the influential parliamentary public accounts committee.
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Ralph Nader on 'smart' meters

Ralph Nader: “Smart meters a step toward technological despotism”

With a career as a consumer advocate, Ralph Nader’s views on selected issues can many times bridge the gaps between the major political parties. Such is the case on so-called "smart" meters. "[Utilities are] basically stripping individual citizens of what remains as consumers of con
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Are tens of thousands of defective “smart” meters being stealthily replaced in Arizona?

By Warren Woodward. Is Arizona Public Services Company (APS) replacing tens of thousands of "smart" meters? A anonymous APS whistle-blower says Yes. Read more in my letter to the Arizona Corporation Commission below.
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CBC: Smart meter overbilling complaints investigated by Hydro-Québec

Hydro-Québec is looking into complaints that its new smart meters are overbilling homeowners, following a CBC investigation. The provincially owned power utility is in the process of installing close to 4 million next-generation meters across Quebec — a switch the utility had claimed
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SaskPower ordered to remove all 105,000 smart meters in the province

REGINA – SaskPower has announced that they are removing all the smart meters that were installed in the province. The minister responsible for SaskPower Bill Boyd said the utility company will be taking out all 105,000 smart meters around Saskatchewan.
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ComEd: Smart meter propaganda goes better with ice cream

As described by the family who stumbled on the ice-cream truck: "We live in the Chicago suburbs. Our plan yesterday afternoon was to swim at the public pool. We entered the pool parking lot and saw the Smart (meter) Meets Sweet ice cream truck. We turned around and went home to ma
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Videos: “The High Road to a True Smart Grid” Conference

Below are presentations from a range of experts at a conference entitled The High Road to a True Smart Grid, held at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on 28 January 2014. The program cut through misunderstandings about the value of the ‘smart meters’ being rolled out across the
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“About Smart Meters, Episode 11” now on WCCA-TV13

Misinformation and spin are a standard tactic in ‘smart’ meter deployment, as evidenced at the 4/23/2014 Worcester City Council Public Service Committee hearing. Watch National Grid tell ratepayers and Worcester officials - That “It is a pilot and our expectation is that we will conti
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