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Take Back Your Power - smart meter film

BC: Inspiration for the fight and the future

An inspiring two-part update on the resistance to microwave-emitting surveillance devices being rolled out in British Columbia. Contributions from Christiane Brown and Care Leah.
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Next generation battery holds 10 times more energy than lithium batteries

A new type of silicon battery technology has the potential to combine with distributed-generation energy production and make Orwellian centralized "smart" grids a thing of the past.
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Distributed generation vs. corporate terrorism: Residential solar energy storage grows exponentially

"As the cost of energy storage falls, it is becoming viable to install a battery to store surplus energy, rather than export it to the grid, in order to increase self-consumption."
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“Green Electricity or Green Money?”: Why some environmental groups hamper clean energy

Dr. Timothy Schoechle's new paper examines the harmful policies of large environmental organizations – such as the EDF and the NRDC – who are resisting renewable energy technologies and supporting a multi-billion dollar allocation for new utility meters, called ‘smart’ meters, which d
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Videos: “The High Road to a True Smart Grid” Conference

Below are presentations from a range of experts at a conference entitled The High Road to a True Smart Grid, held at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on 28 January 2014. The program cut through misunderstandings about the value of the ‘smart meters’ being rolled out across the
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At the end of 2012, there were 5,321 secrecy orders in effect (from suppressed patent applications in the United States).

TBYP exclusive clip #4 – Breakthrough energy technology: suppression exposed

Are “smart” meters part of history’s largest ever corporate scam and suppression campaign? Watch the clip below and if you haven’t seen it yet, the full film Take Back Your Power, then decide for yourself.
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Evidence is mounting that new energy technologies are being suppressed - and now is the time for their release.

Multiple Scientists Confirm Reality of Free Energy? – A Look At The Proof

Who is benefiting from suppressing scientific research? Whose power and wealth is threatened by access to clean and free energy? Who has the desire to create a system where so few have so much, and so many have so little?
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