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Action Groups in Canada

Organization Name Province Location / coverage area Website
ACEFO – Association cooperative d’économie familiale de l’Outaouais Quebec QC
Alberta Smart Meters Alberta Alberta
Alberta Smart Meters – Know the Story? Alberta Alberta
AQLPA – Association québécoise de lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique Quebec QC
Basses-Laurentides refuse Quebec Adminitrative Region 15 - Lower
BC Freedom British Columbia BC
boucherville refuse Quebec boucherville  
C4ST - Canadians For Safe Technology Ontario Canada - National
Citizens’ Initiative Smart Meter Referendum British Columbia BC
CQLPE – Coalition québécoise de lutte contre la pollution électromagnétique / Quebec Coalition to Fight Electromagnetic Pollution Quebec QC
CQLPE – Quebec Coalition to Fight Electromagnetic Pollution Quebec QC
Electromagnetic Radiation Health Alliance of BC British Columbia BC
ElectroSmog Manitoba Manitoba Manitoiba
Estrie Refuse Quebec QC
hydro one enough is enough Ontario Canada  
Kelowna Smart Meter Awareness Group British Columbia BC
L'Assomption refuse Quebec L'Assomption  
Lanaudiere refuse Quebec Lanaudiere, Quebec
Levis Refuse Quebec Levis,Quebec
Magda Havas, Researcher Ontario ON
Nicola Valley Safe Technology Advocates British Columbia Nicola Valley  
No BC Smart Meters British Columbia BC
Ontario Smart Meter Awareness Ontario ON
Option consommateurs: Quebec QC
PEI's Smart Meter Opposition Group Prince Edward Island Charlottetown  
Quebec Against Smart Meters – Wireless Radiation Safety Council Quebec QC
radiation-free Muskoka Ontario muskoka  
Refusons les compteurs Quebec Province of Quebec
Say No to BC Hydro Smart Meter’s! (on Facebook) British Columbia BC
Say no to FortisBC Smart Meters - Similkameem British Columbia Canada  
Smart Meter Awareness Coalition SMAC Saskatchewan Moose Jaw
Smart Meter Blocker British Columbia BC
Smart Meters Blogspot British Columbia BC
Smart Meters: Lessons learned from Canada Other Other
Stop Smart Meters Bowen British Columbia BC
Stop Smart Meters Salt Spring (on Facebook) British Columbia BC
The Microwave Factor Other Other
Will Thomas Online (Hornby Island) British Columbia BC
Wireless, Electric and Electromagnetic Pollution (WEEP Initiative) Ontario ON
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