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Take Back Your Power - smart meter film

Action Groups in Europe & United Kingdom

Organization Name Country Location / coverage area Website
Die Mieter Verinigung Austria Nationwide
International EMF Alliance Europe - General General
Europeans on Smart meters – Facebook Europe - General General  
Next-Up Organisation Europe - General General
Stop Smart Meters UK Europe - General General
Bio Electromagnetic Research Initiative Europe - General General
Ireland: Eirewaves – Alliance for Irish Radiation Protection Ireland Nationwide
Elettrosmog Sicilia Italy Italy
NPS – National Platform on Radiation Risks Netherlands Nationwide
Bli Smartere Norway Nationwide
No Smart Meters Spain Spain Nationwide
ElectroSensitivity UK United Kingdom Nationwide
The British Constitution Group United Kingdom Nation-wide
Radiation Research Trust United Kingdom Nationwide
Mast Sanity United Kingdom Nationwide
Wired Child: Protecting Our Children From Wireless Technology United Kingdom Nationwide United Kingdom Worldwide
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