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Take Back Your Power - smart meter film

Action Groups in the USA

Organization Name Location / Coverage area State Website
Coalition for Health, Against Smart Meters (CHASM) All of Florida Florida
Smart / Meter / Matrix All of Florida Florida
Environmental Radiation Arizona Arizona
Electromagnetic Safety Alliance Arizona Arizona
Stop The North American Union Baldwin County (The Size of Rhode Island) in Lower Alabama Alabama
Maryland Smart Meter Awareness Baltimore Area Maryland
The Scientific Alliance For Education Berkshire County Massachusetts
Devvy Kidd Big Spring Texas
Ecological Options Network, EON Bolinas (West Marin) California
Brigham City Smart Meter Awareness Brigham City/Utah Utah  
Burbank Action Burbank California
Stop Smart Meters Illinois Chicagoland Illinois  
Sedona Smart Meter Awareness City of Sedona Arizona
Speak Up and Stay Alive Cleveland, Ohio Ohio
Citizens Smart Meter Awareness (CCSMA) Colorado Colorado
Virginia Farver Colorado Colorado  
Colorado Citizens Awareness on EMF and Smart Meters Colorado Colorado
Fountain Valley Citizens for Smart Meter Awareness (FVCSMA) Colorado Colorado
Families for SAFE Meters Eugene, OR, and Lane County primarily EWEB area Oregon
Humboldt Neighbors Against Smart Meters Eureka (Humboldt County) California  
Florida Against Smart Meters Florida Florida
TEA Party 911 Georgetown (Austin) Texas  
Stop Smart Meters Georgia Facebook Georgia Georgia  
Smart Meter Treason and Fraud: Georgia Georgia
Stop Smart Meters Georgia Georgia Georgia
Greater Kansas City Stop Smart Meters Greater Kansas City area Kansas  
Feed the Flock Outreach Ministries, Inc. Gulf Coast and expansion where needed in state Alabama  
Conrad BioLogic Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii
Stop “Smart” Meters Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii
Salvadour Lourdes (“Sal”), Director, MCS-America Hawaii Hawaii
Wellness Works Hawaii Hawaii/ Oahu Hawaii
Stop Smart Meters Illinois Illinois Illinois  
Smart Meter IQ Illinois Illinois
Naperville Smart Meter Awareness Illinois Illinois
No Smart Meters Indiana Indiana Indiana
Energy Tools International LLC international Oregon
Environmental Health Volunteer .org International Louisiana
Fairfield Safe Meters Iowa Iowa
Stop Smart Meters Irvine Irvine California
Ketchikan for Meter Choice Ketchikan, AK Alaska
Families for SAFE meters Lane County Oregon
Create Healthy Homes Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Diego Counties California
Lubbock Against Smart Meters Lubbock, TX Texas
Smart Meter Safety Maine Maine
Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters Maine Maine
MerrymeetingBay Maine Maine  
Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters Maine Maine
Maryland Smart Meter Awareness Maryland Maryland
Maryland Smart Meter Awareness Maryland Maryland
Petition for MA Massachusetts Massachusetts
Stop Smart Meters In Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts
Smarter Meters BIO-ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE Massachusetts Massachusetts
Petition to Business to Halt Wireless Signals Massachusetts Nationwide
Healing Earth & EMF Refuge (Focus: Safe Shelter for EHS and MCS) Massachusetts and referrals to out-of-state organizations Massachusetts
Michigan Stop Smart Meters Michigan Michigan
Safe Technology Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota
Safe Technology Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota
Take Back Your Power Como Missouri Missouri  
STOP smart meters from Ameren! Mt Vernon IL 62864 Illinois
Siskiyou Keeps Analog Meters N. California California
Smart Meter Lawsuits Nationwide Nationwide
EMR Action Day: April 21 Nationwide Nationwide
(EMR / cell phone tower related: List of campaigns by state) Nationwide Nationwide
EMF Superhero Nationwide Nationwide
The People’s Initiative Foundation Nationwide Nationwide
WiFi Smart Meters Nationwide Nationwide
American Coalition Against Smart Meters Nationwide Nationwide
EMF Wise Nationwide Nationwide
(EMR / cell phone tower related: Other communities saying no) Nationwide Nationwide
Smart Grid Awareness Nationwide Illinois
EMF Refugees Nationwide South Dakota Nationwide Nationwide
American Association for Cell Phone Safety Nationwide Nationwide
ElectriSense – Lloyd Burrell, EMF consultant Nationwide Nationwide
Stop Smart Meters Nationwide Nationwide
SmartMeterHelp – Submit your SmartMeter Complaint online Nationwide Nationwide
TechLuck Smartmeter Forum Nationwide Nationwide
NVE Stop Smart Meters Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada
NH Against Smart Meters New Hampshire New Hampshire
Why Fry New Mexico New Mexico
Cellular Phone Task Force New Mexico New Mexico
Natural Health Center New York New York
mbabineau New York New York  
Stop Smart Meters NY New York State New York
Dan Mattson Northern California California
Neuert Electromagnetic Services Northern California California
Strasburg-O -NO-meter Northern Ohio Ohio  
Thrive Wheeling WV Ohio Valley Area West Virginia
annbw Oklahoma Oklahoma  
Stop Smart Meters in Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Smart Awareness Olympic Peninsula Washington
Stop OC Smart Meters Orange County California
CloutNow – Coalition for Local Oversight of Utility Technologies Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
Stop smart meters in PA Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Lisa Nancollas Pennsylvania Pennsylvania  
Stop Smart Meters! Plumas County, CA/ International California
Smart Awareness Group Port Angeles/Clallam County Washington
Reno NV. Against Smart Meters Reno and the surrounding areas Nevada  
Reno Stop Smart Meters! Reno, Sparks and surrounding areas Nevada  
starsurfer Rhode Island Rhode Island  
Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness Sacramento County, California. SMUD service area California
SanAntonioSmartMeterAwareness San Antonio, Tx. Texas
Coalition For Safe Meters San Antonio, Tx. Texas
SanAntonioSmartMeterAwareness San Antonio, Tx. Texas
No Smart Meters SF San Francisco California
EMF Analysis San Francisco California
EcoTruth Seattle Seattle Area/Pacific NW, Including No. CA/BC Washington
Betty Kreeger Siskiyou County California  
Windheim EMF Solutions SMUD service area, Sacramento County and Northern California California
EMF Safety Network Sonoma County CA and International California
Southern Californians Against Smart Meters (SCASM) Southern CA California
Southern Californians For Wired Solutions to Smart Meters Southern CA California  
American Coalition Against Smart Meters Southern CA California
Smart Meter Dangers Southern CA California
Leo Cashman St Paul Minnesota Tennessee Tennessee
cindyturpin Tennessee Tennessee  
The 9-12 Association Texas Texas
Oncor's Smart Meter and the Money Trail Texas Texas
Texans Against Smart Meters Texas Texas
Is Oncor's Smart Meter Cheating Customers Texas Texas  
Texans Against Smart Meters TEXAS Texas
Ban Smart Meters Texas Texas
Is Oncor's Smart Meter Cheating Customers Texas Texas
Ban Texas Smart Meters Texas Texas
The People's Initiative Foundation Topanga California
“REST” Raleigh Electrosensitivity SupporT Triangle North Carolina
Stop Smart Meters Woodstock New York ulster /duchess/green/counties in new york New York
Stop Smart Meters Nevada County United States California United States Louisiana United States/Global Nationwide
Deborah Kopald Upstate New York  
Less EMF Inc. USA New York
OJAI Smart Meter Opt-Out (Facebook) Ventura County California
Stop Smart Meters! Vermont Vermont Vermont
Wake up Opt-Out! Vermont Vermont
EMR Policy Institute Vermont Vermont
Smart Meters Blogspot Vermont Vermont
Vermont For Evolution Vermont Vermont
Center For Safer Wireless Virginia Virginia
Safe Utility Meters Alliance - NorthWest Washington Washington
Washington Wireless Awareness Washington Washington
DC Smart Meter Choice Washington, DC Maryland
EMF Pollution Solutions Western Washingotn Washington
Electrical Pollution WIsconsin Wisconsin
Liberty's Logic WIsconsin Wisconsin
First Do No Harm blog WIsconsin Wisconsin
9-12 Association Wyoming Wyoming
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