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Take Back Your Power - smart meter film

Next generation battery holds 10 times more energy than lithium batteries

A new type of silicon battery technology has the potential to combine with distributed-generation energy production and make Orwellian centralized "smart" grids a thing of the past.
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Dutch case study: “smart” meter privacy invasions are unjustifiable in a democratic society

This article presents a compelling argument on how granular data collection by so-called "smart" meters invades the privacy of consumers and, furthermore, how such privacy invasions are not justified in a democratic society. The following is based on information documented as a part
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Smart meter illegally invade your in-home privacy.

Comprehensive report: How smart meters invade privacy

This new 75-page report is perhaps the most comprehensive document of its kind on the topic of smart meter privacy invasions.
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New Video from Australia: “Punitive Power and the ‘Smart Meter’ Tyranny”

Mohsen and the team at Stop Smart Meters Australia have released a provocative new video documenting a single mother's standoff with United Energy and the Victorian State government. The video features comments by a public servant willing to take a stand for the rights of Australians
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Wireless lobbying

Lobbying Madness: Wireless Radiation Label Bill Passes Maine Legislature Before Dying

The Maine House and Senate passed "The Wireless Information Act," a cell phone radiation label requirement, and then killed it prior to enactment due to cellular industry lobbyists.
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Last Thursday, scores of people in Sedona flooded the City Council special meeting to discuss an enforced ban on 'smart' meters.

Sedona City Council Meeting Flooded With The Informed And Aware

by Regina Meredith, Gaiam TV correspondent and guest columnist for Take Back Your Power The crowd was overflowing into the lobby, blocking access to other county departments due to its sheer numbers and latecomers were content with standing outside the building at the chance of witnes
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As scandal looms, the City of Naperville should have listened to warnings by informed groups such as Naperville Smart Meter Awareness.

Financial Scandal Looms Over City of Naperville’s Smart Meter Project

by Sandy Glass, guest columnist for Take Back Your Power The City of Naperville (CON), which became infamous in 2013 for arresting two moms protecting their families and homes from the mandatory installation of smart meters, now faces financial hardship at the government owned Electri
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smart meter cartoon

Worcester ZBA calls for experts, puts smart grid on hold

This update from MA encourages us to keep pressing all elected officials with truth. Make sure they see TBYP, if they haven’t yet. There are many city councilors who are standing against ‘smart’ meters. However, MA officials need to know how deeply flawed the Texas P
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Josh del Sol on Gaiam TV with Regina Meredith

Interview: Gaiam TV with Josh del Sol (Dec 2013)

Regina Meredith of Gaiam TV sits down with Josh del Sol, producer and director of Take Back Your Power, to discuss the far-reaching issues to do with the worldwide “smart” metering program. Learn why this issue is so vitally important to us all at this time, and find out w
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TBYP on Infowars Nightly News looks at the bigger picture of “smart” meters and bio/neurological effects, profiling a clip from Take Back Your Power. Share the link:    
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War vet and Ontario “smart” meter opponent still has power

By Simon Kent, Toronto Sun News TORONTO — The lights are on and there’s somebody home. For now. Ontario’s most famous opponent of Hydro One’s enforced smart meter installation program still has power. Russell Irwin’s family confirmed Wednesday that just h
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Josh del Sol: Revelatory new film exposing surveillance & control (2013)

Film Launch!! Watch “Take Back Your Power” Now

We’re pleased to announce the official launch of the revelatory documentary, “Take Back Your Power”, streaming online or on DVD. Watch “Take Back Your Power” online now: Here is today’s empowering announcement from TBYP cre
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Take Back Your Power - clip 2

Special TBYP preview #2: Utility Break-in, Government Bribery and Your Higher Bills

What are your rights worth?  This 2nd exclusive preview from Take Back Your Power, launching worldwide September 5, includes first-hand footage of a utility break-in, uncovers how governments have bribed utilities with taxpayer money, and exposes systemic billing increases and inaccur
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Take Back Your Power pre-release screenings in California: April 16-20

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Take Back Your Power, an eye-opening documentary which investigates the “smart” meter program currently being implemented worldwide by most of the major utility companies, is set to tour California next week. The “smart” meter battle cont
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LA Teacher’s Union Resolves to Protect Schools from Electromagnetic Radiation

Despite government agencies still saying that radiofrequency (rF) electromagnetic radiation is “safe”, the vast majority of independent science is showing, more than ever, that low-level chronic exposure causes health damage and disease. In addition, an alarming number of
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How to organize your community to halt “smart” meter installs (Case study from Fairfield, Iowa)

Like many communities, in early 2012 the city of Fairfield, Iowa began installing wireless “smart” water meters, without informing the public.  And in summer 2012, because of public pressure and the presentation of facts, the city halted installations, began uninstalling m
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“Smart” water meters installed – so where have the birds gone?

Below are several excellent resources compiled by the people of Fairfield Iowa, who halted their “smart” water meter installations (and reimbursed opt-out fees). Use and distribute this powerful information to help your local city council also become informed: 1) https://s
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ANH-Intl Joins Worldwide Revolt Against “Smart” Meters

Alliance for Natural Health: “Time To Say NO To ‘Smart’ Meters” Source: Follow ANH on Facebook: ANH-Intl  |  ANH-USA Today, we’re joining the movement to prevent dangerous and intrusive ‘smart’ meter
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“Smart Meter” Constitutional Crisis: Police *Arrest* Two Mothers Who Refuse

by Joshua Hart MSc | see source article Note: Be encouraged. The curtain is being pulled back, and intentions are coming out into the open. Millions worldwide are taking a stand and becoming aware. -Josh del Sol NAPERVILLE, IL – The deployment of the “smart grid” took a dark tur
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“Private Notice” documents are foiling BC Hydro’s “smart meter” install program (templates linked)

The below was received from a volunteer group in BC, who has produced document templates having 100% success in preventing “smart meter” installs.  It now appears that groups and individuals worldwide would benefit greatly in understanding these methods, even for regions w
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Smart Grid Funding Misspent on Obsolete Technologies, Says New Report By Dr. Joseph Mercola On November 26, the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy (NISLAPP) published a new report entitled “Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid1,” authored by Dr. Timothy
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Major “smart grid” conference call: Mon Dec 3, 4pm EST / 1pm PST

MEDIA & PUBLIC ADVISORY: Media & Worldwide Community Leaders Conference Call on the Smart Grid with Dr. Timothy Schoechle and others Monday, December 3rd – 4:00pm EST / 1:00pm PST ** Dial-In to (641) 715-3200, Access Code: 784589# ** A new report called “Getting Smarter
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Smart Grid Funding Misspent On Obsolete Technologies, Says New Report

Billions spent with taxpayer dollars on “smart meters” will not lead to U.S. sustainability; Place citizens and economy at risk WASHINGTON, D.C. — November 26, 2012. A new policy report focused on the electric grid and economy of energy, “Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid”, was pub
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Legal Injunction Filed in Guam: “No ‘Smart’ Meters Here!”

Residents in the US Territory of Guam have filed a legal injunction against the forced deployment of smart meters there. Christopher Allen is the plaintiff in the 44-page injunction, filed after he was told by the Guam Power Authority that he could not opt out of a “smart”
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Video: Answers To Your Questions on Replacing Your Electric Meter

By Jerry Day, In this video answers questions commonly asked by people who’s power company refuses to provide a safe and lawful analog (100% non-digital) electric meter. Any meter with digital components of any kind must steal electricity to
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Portland Phoenix: “Meters, smart?”

By Diedre Fulton, The Portland Phoenix A device intended to cut air pollution, decrease our reliance on fossil fuels, and increase energy efficiency is under attack from a small but passionate group of activists who say the technology is harmful and invasive. Since 2010, Central Maine
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[Updated 3 January 2013] New effective documents to prevent “smart meter” install in BC

Update – 23 Jan 2013 SEE ALSO: Post: “Private Notice” documents are foiling BC Hydro’s “smart meter” install program (templates linked) (23 Jan 2013) Site: Update – 3 January 2013: Scroll down to see an important updat
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Inspiration: Powerful people… why the need to dominate?

“It is for these individuals we send out our hearts, thoughts and prayers, that they receive a glimpse of true freedom to once again choose to awaken with a vulnerable love to find a greater intimacy with the grace permeating within all things.“ -Brian Baruch Powerful Peop
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Confirmed: Smart meter data shared far and wide

Did you believe your utility when they told you that all of your private, in-home data – obtained by your “smart” meter – would be kept safe and private? Did you believe them when they said that a comprehensive file of information collected about you and your f
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Film: “The Program” – A whistleblower in the NSA’s domestic spying program

This 8-minute film is a giant wake-up call to every citizen, whether in the United States of America or not.  The US government’s internal spying program has proliferated to almost unimaginable levels since September 11, 2001. And this National Security Administration whistleblo
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