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Former NSA Insider to MI House Energy Committee: Smart Meters Put Entire Power Grid, Everyone At Risk

Last week, EMP Task Force Deputy Director Cynthia Ayers lambasted "smart" meters as having an wide array of critical problems regarding security, fires and explosions. Her hard-hitting testimony opened a Michigan Energy Policy Committee meeting to review a House bill proposing a free
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‘Smart’ meters: A surveillance and control con job revealed

'SMART' METER WAKE-UP CALL: Why are more than a million people and hundreds of local governments standing against the 'smart' meter agenda? This article summarizes the issues: billing increases, fiscal negligence, in-home spying, property rights violations, health effects, hacking vul
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Industry experts: Hackers can now “harm human life” through smart meters

by K.T. Weaver, for Take Back Your Power Utilities and the smart grid industry tout only the hypothetical benefits of smart meters, never seriously discussing the tremendous risks and costs to our society.  On the subject of cyber security, they hardly discuss it at all.  For example,
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BBC: Smart meters open to hack attack

"We suspected there could be some issues with [smart meters] and we wanted to check," cybersecurity investigator Javier Vidal told the BBC. "We feared the security would be easy to break and we confirmed that."
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Smart meters are a

Smart meters are a “time bomb” for utilities, warns insurance expert

REUTERS - Last November, Felix Lindner came very close to shutting down the power supply of Ettlingen, a town of almost 40,000 people in the south of Germany. “We could have switched off everything: power, water, gas,” Lindner, head of Berlin-based Recurity Labs, an IT security compa
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Smart Grid Tours: Come and See Money Trump Common Sense

When Will the Smart Meter Insanity End?

by K.T. Weaver. There have been a number of articles appearing in the national media over the past few weeks outlining the dangers and risks of so-called “smart” utility meters. The smart grid mouthpiece website even ran an article called, “Smart meters trapped bet
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When Smart Meters Get Hacked: The Nightmare Scenario

Nick Hunn at Creative Connectivity is a wireless technology expert who is quite skeptical of the purported benefits of smart meters and the current level of smart grid system security. He recently wrote an article entitled, “When Smart Meters Get Hacked” (June 8, 2014). What follows
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Smart meters fill homes with pulsed microwave radiation 24/7 without consent, and infringe on the privacy, security, safety and health of residents.

Nine Reasons Why Today’s “Smart” Meter Systems Are A Mistake

by Richard H. Conrad, PhD Biochemist. Smart electric meters and smart grid systems track and record details of customers’ energy usage, and transmit the information to utilities wirelessly at microwave frequencies. Authorities are attempting to make smart meters mandatory. They ar
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Hackers use connected home appliances to launch global cyberattack

Hackers Use Connected Home Appliances To Launch Global Cyberattack

Ed. Note: For this recent iceberg-tip event, context is required if one is going to have a accurate assessment of the situation as it relates to the blazingly vulnerable “smart” grid and metering technology. Recommended reading: Who Controls The Off-Switch (of “Smart
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Press: Feature Documentary Electrifies Smart Meter Controversy

Los Angeles, CA – (Business Wire) – Take Back Your Power, the first crowd-funded documentary investigation into the heated controversy over “smart” meters and the energy utility industry, today announced the public pre-sale for its exclusive digital premier September 5 on www.takeback
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The Guardian: “Why smart meters might not be so clever after all”

By John Naughton, The Observer Source: The Guardian, 17 August 2013 Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make credulous. In the case of technology, especially technology involving computers, that’s pretty easy to do. Quite why people are so overawed by computers when
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British MPs told of ‘smart’ meter risks; UK rollout delayed by over a year

On April 23, representatives from Stop Smart Meters UK spoke to British MP’s about the clear and present risks which ‘smart’ meters would impose upon British families. Dr Liz Evans spoke of health effects, saying there are hundreds of studies showing “evidence
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