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‘Smart’ Meter Spying Finally Admitted

by Warren Woodward. Industry mouthpiece SmartGridNews finally admitted that "smart" meters are surveillance devices. Of course they didn't quite put it that bluntly. In fact, they celebrate the ability of utilities to know what appliances people use as another tool to help craft th
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Utility Industry: Smart Meter Backlash is Catching on Everywhere

by K.T. Weaver, frmr Senior Health Physicist at a leading electric utility. According to “Smart meter backlash is ‘mass hysteria.’ (And it's catching on everywhere.)” Well, most of the above headline is correct, except for the “mass hysteria” part. As one major
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Health Canada admits Safety Code 6 microwave radiation guideline is based ONLY on heating effects

Note: Health Canada has also recently announced the panel for review of “Safety Code 6”. Will they continue to ignore overwhelming evidence from thousands of independent, peer-reviewed, published studies? by Magda Havas, PhD source:
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