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Law For Empowerment #2: South African Banker-Criminals Put On Notice

It's amazing how powerful a Notice -- infused with a firm conviction -- can be. Commerce works on paper, and sending Notice allows us as men and women to interface with the mechanical corporatocratic system in an effective way in which we can, though a natural progression of proces
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Major insurance firm, Swiss Re, warns of large losses from “unforeseen consequences” of electromagnetic frequencies

A leading Fortune 500 insurance firm has warned the industry that “unforeseen consequences of electromagnetic fields” could lead to a raft of claims and significant liability losses. In its SONAR Emerging Risks report, 2013, which covers risks that could “impact the insurance industry
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“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” -Benjamin Franklin

New solutions from BC-Freedom: “Do Not Pay Extortive Opt-Out Fees” (Feb 2014)

The game-changing team at has released free documentation to help energy customers in BC effectively void the extortive “opt-out” or “legacy meter” fees, which BC Hydro is attempting to illegally assert.  Links to their recent updates are bel
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Power Takeover: Are smart meters part of the largest corporate scam in history?

Herald Sun: Supply charges are costing up to $550 a year

HOUSEHOLDS are paying up to $550 a year for power before flicking on a switch. Efforts to save money by using less electricity are being thwarted by new price surges of up to 74 per cent for fixed supply charges, a Victorian energy cost investigation reveals. "Companies are cranking
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Smart grid tower in Vermont

Courts: Couple ousted by utility tower gets $1M

by Dave Gram | view original article on Boston Globe This precedent-setting case requires the utility to pay a couple $1M for damage caused by their ‘smart’ grid infrastructure near a home in Vermont. Q: With utilities liable for health damages caused by a tower near a hom
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EMF on trial: Australia and Israel cases may be precedent-setting

Over the past two weeks, there have been two interesting court cases regarding the health effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).  Although these cases may not be as precedent-setting as the Italian court case that affirmed tumor risk from long-term use of a cell phone, they are
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Legal Injunction Filed in Guam: “No ‘Smart’ Meters Here!”

Residents in the US Territory of Guam have filed a legal injunction against the forced deployment of smart meters there. Christopher Allen is the plaintiff in the 44-page injunction, filed after he was told by the Guam Power Authority that he could not opt out of a “smart”
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Portland Phoenix: “Meters, smart?”

By Diedre Fulton, The Portland Phoenix A device intended to cut air pollution, decrease our reliance on fossil fuels, and increase energy efficiency is under attack from a small but passionate group of activists who say the technology is harmful and invasive. Since 2010, Central Maine
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Italian Supreme Court Affirms Tumor Risk from Long-Term Use of a Cell Phone

Source: Microwave News The Supreme Court of Italy has affirmed a ruling granting worker’s compensation to a businessman who developed a tumor after using a cell phone for 12 years. This is the first time that a high court —in any country— has ruled in favor a link between mobile
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[Updated 3 January 2013] New effective documents to prevent “smart meter” install in BC

Update – 23 Jan 2013 SEE ALSO: Post: “Private Notice” documents are foiling BC Hydro’s “smart meter” install program (templates linked) (23 Jan 2013) Site: Update – 3 January 2013: Scroll down to see an important updat
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IEEE industry article acknowledges systemic fire problem

This article from the editor of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ website admits the extent of the fire problem with smart meters. “This is just the beginning of a difficult story. Companies installing smart meters already have run into a lot of consumer p
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Video: Maine legal action update, Sept 26

“Today at the Maine PUC Commissioners denied Central Maine Power’s Motion to Limit Scope of safety investigation due to claimed [by CMP] preemption by FCC of RF exposure limits. PUC also consolidated a new 10-Person Complaint focused on opt out fees, with our existing inve
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Video: Naperville legal action update, September 21

Naperville Smart Meter Awareness Lead Attorney Doug Ibendahl provides an update after a hearing at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse in Chicago. Video:
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BC Hydro Smart Meters, Human Rights Complaint Approved

B.C.’s Human Rights Tribunal has accepted a complaint from a group that accuses BC Hydro of discriminating against people with certain medical conditions and disabilities.
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Video: Naperville legal update (Aug 21)

(Note: The next hearing in the Federal Court case launched by the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group was scheduled for August 28.  However, in the late-evening hours of August 27, Judge Lee postponed the hearing to October 2.  This is the second time in two weeks that Judge Lee po
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