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Health Risks Associated with ‘Smart’ Meter Wireless Emissions

Andy Marino PhD, one of the highest-respected EMF research scientists today, has been unleashed onto PECO (the Pennsylvania utility). His testimony is a must-read.
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France law bans Wi-Fi in daycares, restricts wireless infrastructure

LE SMACKDOWN EN WIFI: A new law in France bans Wi-Fi in childcare facilities, bans all advertising targeting children under 14, and requires the use of hand-free kits to be recommended.
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Forbes: “Study Suggests Wi-Fi Exposure More Dangerous To Kids Than Previously Thought”

Most parents would be concerned if their children had significant exposure to lead, chloroform, gasoline fumes, or the pesticide DDT. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IRIC), part of the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO), classifies these and more than 25
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Newly-publicized 1994 USAF report: Low-intensity wireless radiation has “profound effect on biological processes”

CONCLUSION: "Experimental evidence has shown that exposure to low intensity radiation can have a profound effect on biological processes. The nonthermal effects of RF/MW radiation exposure are becoming important measures of biological interaction with EM fields. Modern RF/MW radiation
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Electronic Warfare in Olympic Peninsula: comments due November 28th (extended)

The Navy is proposing to turn a large part of Washington's magnificent Olympic Peninsula, as well as a portion of NE Washington, into Electronic Warfare training ranges. The deadline for public comment is TODAY, October 31, 2014.
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Experts and doctors warn: Pregnant women and children should not be exposed to wireless radiation

by Dr. Olle Johansson. DEBATE: An international team of doctors and scientific experts, along with non-profit organisations, on the 3rd July, 2014, called pregnant women to limit their exposure to wireless radiation from cell phones and other devices by taking simple steps to protect
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Cornet ED78S Electrosmog Testing Meter

SPECIAL: Discount pricing on Cornet Electrosmog RF/LF meters

The Cornet ED78S Electrosmog Meter is now available at discount prices, for all supporters of Take Back Your Power. If our film is the #1 most effective tool which is being used to spread awareness of the "smart" meter agenda, then a powerful and economical testing device such as the
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Downtown Calgary fire: Is accelerated corrosion, electron-stripping from wireless tech to blame?

With a letter to the Alberta government from Andrew Michrowski PhD, this article considers the evidence linking an increase in electrical fires/failures to accelerated corrosion from electron-stripping -- due to microwave technology and networks.
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mobile phone cell smart towers unsafe

Wall Street Journal: “One in 10 cell/grid towers violate RF radiation rules”

On Thursday, Ianthe Jeanne Dugan and Ryan Knutson did a story for the Wall Street Journal, Cellphone Boom Spurs Antenna-Safety Worries. Turns out that there is somewhere around 30,000 non-compliant cell phone towers in the USA that expose unsuspecting residents, school children and ev
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Fire Chief Garrison - smart meter fires

BLOG UPDATE: Another smart meter fatal fire; widespread criminal liability inevitable

In this update: 1) Reno woman killed from fire apparently caused by "smart" meter; 2) Sensus admits "systemic problem"; 3) UK's Notice of Non-Consent / Notice of Liability; 4) Two new risk awareness reports; 5) WHO and SCENIHR corruption at highest levels; 6) EMF Summit Video #3 with
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WHO and SCENIHR: Scientific cover-up at the highest levels

Is there a scientist in the European Commission’s SCENIHR and the World Health Organization who is suppressing Lennart Hardell’s science? In May 2011 the World Health Organization’s cancer committee, IARC, voted to classify the RF – EMF Spectrum as a 2B or “possible human
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More than 110 municipalities in Quebec are now opposed to “smart” meter deployment

by Jean Hudon | see original post at Hydro-Quebec still attempting to charge opt-out fees despite government resolutions and lack of safety evidence On October 5, 2012, the Energy Board of Quebec gave the green light to Hydro-Quebec to begin the Phase 1 of the deployment of &
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Free online EMF Summit: starts Tuesday Sept 2

by Josh del Sol, director & producer of Take Back Your Power Join thousands for a free online EMF Summit starting tomorrow and continuing every Tuesday until December.  I am excited to be on the interview panel along with world-class researchers, scientists, microwave weapons expe
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King 5 TV News: Group Voices Opposition to Seattle City Light ‘Smart Meters’

An award winning documentary by a Seattle filmmaker is being played out in Seattle as City Light unveils a plan to install smart meters. Filmmaker Josh Del Sol is joining a group of opponents who calls the smart meter technology a Trojan horse that will enter your home.
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Fairfield, IA: How we reversed the installation of ‘smart’ water meters in our city

by Walt Dickenson, Fairfield, Iowa Our city stopped Neptune smart water meters two years ago, one of the first cities in the country to do so. We did all the normal things (packed city council meetings, emails and phone calls to council members, online blog, large public meetings, onl
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WCCA13 TV Show “About Smart Meters” – Episodes 1-10

Watch the 10+ Episodes of "About Smart Meters" on WCCA13 TV (Massachusetts).
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smart meter interview

Interview: Smart Meters & Smart Grid… What’s the Real Story?

Could "smart" meters be part of the largest corporate con job on the planet? This May 2014 interview with Josh del Sol, director of the documentary Take Back Your Power, discusses the installation of "smart" meters worldwide, the growing resistance to the agenda, and how to prevent o
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Video: Truth to Power

By Jeromy Johnson, Civil and Environmental Engineer. Around the world, ordinary people and their elected officials are speaking out against wireless smart meters and the wireless smart grid. Watch how this city councilman from Massachusetts speaks truth to the power company represent
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Smart meters fill homes with pulsed microwave radiation 24/7 without consent, and infringe on the privacy, security, safety and health of residents.

Nine Reasons Why Today’s “Smart” Meter Systems Are A Mistake

by Richard H. Conrad, PhD Biochemist. Smart electric meters and smart grid systems track and record details of customers’ energy usage, and transmit the information to utilities wirelessly at microwave frequencies. Authorities are attempting to make smart meters mandatory. They ar
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Something’s In the Air: Saturday April 19 is Electromagnetic Radiation Action Day

FORT COLLINS, CO – This Saturday, concerned Coloradans will join others around the world for EMR Action Day – to highlight their concerns about the safety of electromagnetic radiation found in wireless Internet, cordless phones, microwaves TV and radio and other sources. Virginia Far
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Just WHO are they working for? Is the World Health Organization complicit in an unprecedented coverup of skewed science and conflicts of interest?

WHO Knew: The Elephant in the Room

A shocking investigation by Susan D. Foster into corruption within World Health Organization ranks, relating to scientific causality of biological harm from electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
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Major insurance firm, Swiss Re, warns of large losses from “unforeseen consequences” of electromagnetic frequencies

A leading Fortune 500 insurance firm has warned the industry that “unforeseen consequences of electromagnetic fields” could lead to a raft of claims and significant liability losses. In its SONAR Emerging Risks report, 2013, which covers risks that could “impact the insurance industry
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US Dept. of Interior Attacks FCC’s “Inapplicable” Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Standards

US Department of Interior Attacks FCC’s Exposure Standards: “Out of Date and Inapplicable”

Birds have “nest and site abandonment, plumage deterioration, locomotion problems, reduced survivorship, and death” The Director of the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance of the United States Department of the Interior sent a letter to the National Telecommunica
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Video: Health Effects of Microwave Radio Exposures, by Paul Dart MD FCA

This July 2013 presentation by Paul Dart, MD FCA is a comprehensive and useful research-rich tool to inform city councils and utilities who are considering 'smart' or 'advanced' meter deployment, with an understanding of the significant associated public health risks and liabilities.
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Smart grid tower in Vermont

Courts: Couple ousted by utility tower gets $1M

by Dave Gram | view original article on Boston Globe This precedent-setting case requires the utility to pay a couple $1M for damage caused by their ‘smart’ grid infrastructure near a home in Vermont. Q: With utilities liable for health damages caused by a tower near a hom
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Uster County, NY, passed a 12-0 vote to allow customers to opt out of

Ulster County (NY) lawmakers pass unanimous opt-out proposal for ‘smart’ electronic utility meters

by Patricia Doxsey | view original article Great work by and the growing movement there. -TBYP KINGSTON (17 Dec 2013) – Ulster County lawmakers have thrown their support behind state legislation that would allow residents to opt out of having electronic uti
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CE: Take Back Your Power – How to Mitigate the Harmful Effects of Smart Meters

27 Sept 2013 By Ethann Fox, for With the recent release of the documentary film “Take Back Your Power” by Josh del Sol, the conversation surrounding the risks of Smart Meters has escalated to an entirely new level. This may very well be the catalyst that cause
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TBYP on Infowars Nightly News looks at the bigger picture of “smart” meters and bio/neurological effects, profiling a clip from Take Back Your Power. Share the link:    
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Interview: Awake & Empowered Radio

“This exclusive interview with Josh del Sol, producer and director of Take Back Your Power, and co-hosted by Jefferey Jaxen and Ethann Fox took place on September 3rd, 2013.  This film takes an in-depth look at the global issue over smart meters and not only the health challenge
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