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Take Back Your Power - smart meter film
InPower Movement: A Mass Action of Liability

InPower Movement: Watch Episode 1 FREE!!

We’ve been extremely busy over at InPower Movement, which is the official sequel to Take Back Your Power. Below is a list of all updates the past month, from the InPower Indiegogo Campaign: Aug 26: EPISODE #1: A MASS ACTION OF LIABILITY released Aug 23: InPowered Podcast #02 
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Josh del Sol and his film Take Back Your Power were named winner of The Indie Fest's Annual Humanitarian Award in April 2014.

Interview: Josh del Sol on “Boil The Frog Slowly” Radio (audio)

by Boil The Frog Slowly Radio | see original article YouTube link: What You Will Hear: 2:42 – Intro & Background 6:30 – Awareness and Solution 8:13 – International Feedback 10:48 – Community/Theatrical Screenings 14:22 – Call to Action 2
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“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” -Benjamin Franklin

New solutions from BC-Freedom: “Do Not Pay Extortive Opt-Out Fees” (Feb 2014)

The game-changing team at has released free documentation to help energy customers in BC effectively void the extortive “opt-out” or “legacy meter” fees, which BC Hydro is attempting to illegally assert.  Links to their recent updates are bel
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The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any. - Alice Walker

Letter template to stop ‘smart’ spygrid, makes officials individually liable: customize for your region

Dear Governor, Please understand that you have firm and widespread opposition to your careless, harmful and corrupt "smart grid" proposals... You are also hereby notified that you will now be held personally liable, as an individual, for any and all damages relating to "smart" meter o
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Video: Solution for BC Hydro’s extortive “smart” meter opt-out fees (Nov 2013)

The Take Back Your Power team sits down with Brian of to learn more about the new Claim of Right & Notice of Default document templates, which are now available for people in BC to keep their analog meter, WITHOUT paying extortive opt-out fees which BC Hydro is
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