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Despite hundreds of thousands of people experiencing negative health effects following “smart” meter installation, there have been no health studies undertaken by any regulatory agency to demonstrate safety, prior to mass deployment upon populations around the globe.  This is rather astonishing, when one considers that there are thousands of published studies which do show clear health risks to this type of chronic microwave radiation exposure.

In this total absence of regulatory responsibility, Dr. Darren Schmidt of The Nutritional Healing Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan visually summarizes real-world data now being collected on negative health effects caused by installed “smart” meters.  Data and charts are both from his own patients’ experiences and lab work; and the work of other independent researchers. The first 10 minutes are foundational information, then specific effects on humans are shown.

Please share this video especially with those who work in health and government.  Demand accountability.

How Smart Meters Affect Your Body – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7c2NOqbVSw4

Josh del Sol Beaulieu

Josh del Sol Beaulieu is the creator of Take Back Your Power, a documentary about 'smart' meters which won the AwareGuide Transformational Film of the Year, the Indie Fest Annual Humanitarian Award, and a Leo Award for Best Feature Length Documentary. Josh is passionate about safe technology, human rights, consciousness, decentralized energy, and being a dad.

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