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My investigation started out simply enough.

One of my good friends got sick suddenly and no one could figure out why. Then she realized that her electric company had installed a wireless electrical meter–a “smart” meter–at the same time she got ill.

I did a little digging and found that my friend wasn’t alone. I found thousands of stories from regular people who had similar stories.

Josh del Sol making the smart meter film.

I wanted to find out for myself if this was really happening. So, I grabbed a camera and traveled around the world.

What I found was mind-blowing.

I found a threat that starts at the highest levels of government, involves billions of taxpayer dollars, and benefits no one except the world’s largest energy companies.

smart meter.
Looks harmless, right? I thought so too….

A threat that involves…
Your privacy…
Your financial future…
Your health…
Your freedom…
… and so much more…

Scary, right? That’s not even the half of it.

What’s so insidious about this new threat is how innocuous it seems on its face. Here’s how they sell it to us: A simple device, installed by professionals, designed to save you money, save energy, and eventually help save the world. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

If that’s what these so-called “smart” meters actually did, if all the promises were true, then anyone who cares about their families, their futures, and the future of the planet would be crazy not to get on the bandwagon.

The facts, though, are clear. That’s NOT what these “smart” meters actually do.

A 'smart' meter is an unlawful data-harvesting and surveillance device.

They are instead a full-fledged onslaught on your health, your privacy, your safety at home, your wallet, and your freedom to make the best choices for you and the ones you love.

I made TAKE BACK YOUR POWER as a labor of love. The truth behind smart meters is something that affects A LOT of people at this moment and that will affect BILLIONS of us in the very near future. The US government alone has given over $11 billion to the nation’s largest power companies to roll the smart meter program out as quickly–and as silently–as possible.

Smart meters equal rising utility bills.

This is information you need. This is truth everyone close to you must have. The clock is ticking. It’s time to get informed.

Above all, I have now made this documentary freely available – permanently. Watch it. Share it. Send this link to everyone you know.

Our political ideologies don’t matter. Our personal belief system doesn’t matter. What matters is that we’re all in this together.

It’s time to take a stand. It’s time for us to take back our power.

About TBYP: Read the film synopsis & see the trailers

Josh del Sol Beaulieu

Josh del Sol Beaulieu is the creator of Take Back Your Power, a documentary about 'smart' meters which won the AwareGuide Transformational Film of the Year, the Indie Fest Annual Humanitarian Award, and a Leo Award. In 2017, Josh co-founded InPower Movement, pioneering a process using commercial liability to halt harmful technology such as 'smart' meters, 5G and mandatory vaccinations. Josh is passionate about human rights, consciousness, decentralized energy, safe technology and being a dad.

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  • In my country they are going to use the Local Government Act (councils) in each state to get smart meters in.
    They are going to send “energy” auditors into all homes to perform a ‘energy’ audit. If you have an ‘energy inefficient” device in your home they can (read will) (order you to replace it with a more efficient one (smart meter) If you don’t get one installed by a contractor and pay them for it then the council can move your home into their possession and become the legal owner of it. From there they can sell it to the highest bidder, take the contractors fee and their costs out of the proceeds and give you the left overs.
    How much left overs will there by when the CEO of the council can sell the home to business mate for less than half of what it was worth . The business mate can then sell it for full price and take half the money and give the rest to the council CEO.
    BTW, they can CO-OPT the police and INSTRUCT them to provide protection for the contractor, yes you will pay for that too.

    • Kevin, thanks for that update of what utilities and government are brutally doing there – Australia right? ‘Smart’ meters and related initiatives comprise a scam of massive proportions being implemented globally in the name of climate action. In my view the agenda is still proceeding because people have not yet learned in mass that “it’s just business” and to play the commerce game correctly. InPower Movement is intending to shift that.

    • Hi Kevin I live in far Nth QLD and just today managed to opt out of smart meter installation (at least that’s what I was reassured over the phone – still to receive it on paper via post). I was initially told by Ergon energy that in 2017 it was legislated by government to disallow consumer opt out but they would put a note in my file indicating I wanted to speak with someone before it happened and that I needed to contact the Aus Energy Market Operator for further info. Customer service operator quizzed me on why, did I know the research and where did I get it from etc. I rang the AEMO who were angry that a retailer organisation referred me to them as they are supposed to know that AEMO are not able to assist end users and advised me that I should contact Aus Energy Regulator ( where I found their this:
      Smart meter installation
      What if I do not consent to having a smart meter installed at my property?
      Retailers are required to install smart meters for new connections (eg. a new build house) and if your meter is faulty or has reached the end of its life and needs replacing. If your meter needs replacing, you can ask your retailer to disable the communications functions. There may be additional costs associated with the retailer having to do manual reads of your meter if you choose to have the telecommunications disabled.

      If your current meter is working properly and a retailer wants to replace it with a smart meter, you can opt out of the smart meter installation. You can only opt out if you haven’t waived your right to opt out when you signed up to your current electricity contract.

      Retailers are required to provide you at least four business days’ notice of any planned interruptions to your electricity supply to install the meter.”

      I rang Ergon back and politely asked for my conversation and request not to have smart meter installation recorded as a hard copy and for a hard copy reply. I was promptly told this wasn’t possible – of course I insisted and kept insisting until it was taken to the complaints department who finally relented and allowed a pre- written opt out acknowledgement letter be sent to me via post as I requested. This response only serves to make me more determined to step even further back from engagement with any kind of energy provider.

      It’s time to save for stand alone solar and wind on my property!!
      Good luck to all in the future.

      • On 11th September 2001 the WTC was demolished ‘by hijacked airliners”. Remember that one ?
        So Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded
        . Sure, makes such a lot of ‘sense”, to the arms manufacturers, and criminal Terrorist State of “Israel”.

  • I was under the impression that by watching this, and/or looking at the website, I would get some good information as to how to proceed to get my utility company to remove/replace my meter.

    I have not found that. Did I miss is somewhere?

    I remember when the man was here telling me of plans to have one installed and I told him I didn’t want one. He said, Well you’re going to get one, whether you want it or not!

    Thanks for all your efforts,

    • Hi Bill,

      Thanks for your feedback. It is utilities’ modus operandi to convince you that you can do nothing but accept the ‘smart’ meter, or (in many regions) pay an extortive opt-out feel. Here are two resources:

      1) The website that is dedicated to the process of ‘smart’ meter removal, and stopping the ‘smart’ meter agenda, is There you can watch InPower Episodes 1 & 2 of the docu-series, then either use the documents and guides (free) to do the Notice of Liability process, or sign up to InPower’s email list to be notified when their next phase launches. InPower’s next phase is making it into an automated process with full support and groups.

      2) If you are looking for short & concise info about opt-ing out & dealing with your utility, please see my free guide, “5 Ways To Reduce EMF Exposure” — specifically, pages 10-12 on ‘smart’ meters.


  • At the end of the video, it says to scroll down to the bottom of the page for step-by-step instructions – but I don’t see them anywhere on this site.
    Where are the instructions on how to prevent and/or undo smart meter installations?
    Thanks much (and big congrats and thanks for the video),

    • Hi Ted,
      Sorry this isn’t as clear as it could be.

      1) The website that is dedicated to the process of ‘smart’ meter removal, and stopping the ‘smart’ meter agenda, is There you can watch InPower Episodes 1 & 2 of the docu-series, then either use the documents and guides (free) to do the Notice of Liability process, or sign up to InPower’s email list to be notified when their next phase launches. InPower’s next phase is making it into an automated process with full support and groups.

      2) If you are looking for short & concise info about opt-ing out & dealing with your utility, please see my free guide, “5 Ways To Reduce EMF Exposure” — specifically, pages 10-12 on ‘smart’ meters.

      Best wishes,

  • (From The Netherlands) I recently sent a refusal of the smart- and digital meters by recorded delivery to my utility company. Their representative said that my meter must be replaced because it no longer met the statutary requirements (it was declared obsolete on the basis of random testing). I stated that if this was the case, I was prepared to have it replaced with another analogue meter, but this was basically ignored. Instead, I was informed that the utility company was only responsible for the rolling out of the meters and I was referred on to a higher authority. I was also informed that if I did not consent to the utility company’s next letter, a procedure would be instigated to cut me off! Any suggestions?

    • I believe that magnets would throw the “smart meter” into a state of electronic Alzheimer’s. Get a hold of some scientist who might know how big a magnet you would need to install near your smart meter to take it out.

    • I was told by the electricity distributor that it was “law” to have a smart meter and gave me in writing that they were going to cut off my energy in four weeks time. I insisted in writing (always, as you need proof) that they send me that “law” – after receiving and reading 60 pages of small print I knew that it was not a law! I contacted the ombudsman and send him all my correspondence in copy accusing the retailer of lying, bullying, blackmail etc. Although the website of the ombudsman told me that it was “law” to have a smart meter I stood my ground and still have my analog meter today – 6 years after the fight. It was a bit more complicated with me because I had solar panels installed, which the retailer insisted to have inspected which I did not allow as I had it inspected already cost free for me with the installation. Nobody read my meter for those six years and the bills I receive are about fair. When calculating the costs of batteries etc. to be self-sufficient, the costs are far higher than my bills, taking my age into consideration. I am 80 years old now.

  • I truly hope and pray that this smart meter program will come to an end before it’s too late. I myself have one installed on my home as well. I didn’t want it but I was given no choice in the matter I had never had Vertigo before and I’ve had it 2 times in this last year. My bedroom wall is up against the smart meter…hum ??? Thank you for the information and I hope that everyone who watches it will help stop it.